Tim Mock
Broker Realtor
Raleigh, NC
(919) 946-2460
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Tim Mock
(17 ratings)
5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings.
17 user reviews.
testimonial quote

We bought from Tim last year. I want to express my appreciation for the amazing service, overwhelming dedication, incredible knowledge, and attention to every detail. We bought during the height of the pandemic from the other side of the country. We had a pending relocation to the RDU area and ideally wanted to have a property waiting for us when we got here. Searching, showing and closing a home remotely brings extra stress to the buyer and more inherent hurdles for the agent. Tim tirelessly worked with me and my family every step of the way, pointing out flaws in potential homes (other agents would just want to highlight the positives for a quick sale). In the end, we got the home we wanted at the place and time we wanted. Tim didn’t stop there as he worked with us to let in repairmen around closing, bought a flag and installed it in our front porch and also changed out all 7 of our smoke detectors. I was reminded of this fact when I changed all the smoke detector batteries the other day…he initialed and dated every one on the inside. No agent goes this far. We are not first-time buyers or sellers and must say Tim literally knocked it out of the park. I regret that this feedback only allows me to give him 5 stars, for I would give more. Go with Tim!

Marc Gasbarro | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim is a fantastic realtor. He takes pride in making you feel comfortable throughout the selling or buying process. I can attest that during the sale of my old and purchase of my new home, Tim's attention to detail and willingness to meet me anywhere at any time made the whole thing feel very easy in this unprecedented market situation.

Joseph | Home Seller & Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim has helped our family with two home purchases and one home sale. Tim’s care goes above and beyond any other service I have come across. Regardless of the time or day, Tim answers the phone or calls back quickly. I truly appreciate the ability to ask Tim questions throughout the buying and selling process.

Chris | Home Seller & Home Buyer
testimonial quote

I have worked with Tim on several occasions regarding the purchasing and selling of my homes. Tim sets the bar when it goes to Customer Service period, but especially as it relates to Real Estate. Tim is extremely knowledgeable, professional and quite simply gets the job done. I couldn't image working with any other realtor. He goes above and beyond to make you aware of market trends and general transactional data. While you are sleeping, Tim is working on your behalf and never settles until he made every attempt, made every phone call and reached out to every contact to ensure he provides the best service possible. He is in a different category all by himself and I, for one, feels honored to have worked with him.

Lu | Home Seller & Home Buyer
testimonial quote

We highly recommend working with Tim Mock. One would expect buying a first home, especially during the crazy market we have in the triangle, would be stressful. Yet, Tim made it FUN. He's more thorough than any other real estate agent we have heard about, and you will find that he discovers more about the house in the first ten minutes than you could on your own. You'll need this information to quickly make a decision in today's market. He's not afraid to venture into dirty crawl spaces on your behalf, and he's definitely not afraid to negotiate with your best interest in mind. We are so happy with our new home, and we couldn't have done it without trusting Tim through the buying process. Thanks, Tim! Erica and Azul.

Erica and Azul | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

We were very impressed and satisfied with the service that Tim provided us. He was our agent on 2 occasions this past year and they were both highly successful and easy to accomplish. His professionalism and dedication were outstanding. We are looking forward to be able to work with him in the near future!

Luis | Home Seller & Home Buyer
testimonial quote

What can I say about Tim Mock? If you have ever seen the show "Inspector Joe", that is Tim Mock. I true astute and articulate professional that wants nothing but the best for his client. He was not afraid to get down and dirty with me to make sure my wife and I bought the best home for our family. He was never afraid to speak out his honest opinion and give sage counsel when we were unsure of a home. From his 2+ hour phone call during our initial meet to the closing of our home; he made sure we understood our legal rights and the legal verbiage of any contract we entered. We still enjoy his quarterly magazines where he continues to provide advice and tips for keeping our home in tip-top shape. You cannot ask for a better realtor or better confidant as you navigate the home buying journey.

Raul | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

This is specifically why you should hire Tim Mock as your Realtor. The home buying process is extremely tedious and overwhelming. Having a professional who is on your side like a great lawyer is key. Tim is an exemplary person for this purpose. First of all, he truly has a passion for houses, no matter the condition of the home or if you love it or hate it. You can see how happy it makes him to check out every house. When you are looking at properties. Tim is extremely thorough. He goes in the attic and crawl space to ensure that there are no significant issues. Most agents know a home inspector, but Tim has inspectors as close friends who have taught him a lot. What this means for you is that you get an educated evaluation of a home before you ever go into contract or pay for the official home inspection.He is very responsive. With all the clients he has, he still finds a way to available for everyone, nights and weekends included. Bottom line: when you are going to make one the most expensive purchase of your life, you need someone who has more than just a real estate license. When you hire Tim, you will get a wealth of knowledge, support through the entire process including recommendations every step of the way. As a cherry on top, Tim is diligent about staying in contact with you after the close to offer you literally any support or recommendations. Tim made me feel supported no matter what obstacles came about during my purchase process.

Jacob Scott | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

We were referred by a friend who worked with Tim before and we are so glad we were! As first time home buyers Tim made the process seamless and easy. He was patient and incredibly thorough. It was as though he was buying the house for himself! I really felt that he had our best interest in mind, and never once felt otherwise. After months of searching he suggested a home that turned out to be perfect for us! Throughout our crazy long closing process he was supportive and on top of everything. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy their next home!

Alejandro Sanchez | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Here comes a lengthy review of a very deserving agent. If you want the bottom line, here it is: Tim Mock is a fantastic real estate agent and we highly recommend him! For those who want the details of why we recommend Tim, read on. As first-time home owners, we knew the importance of finding a good buyer agent. But how to find a good realtor when you are new to town and have no connections? Well, I did the research. I read dozens of reviews, selected the top agents that appealed to me, then created a survey of questions I sent via email to see how they each responded. Out of those, I phone interviewed my top 4 and eventually met with Tim in person to see how we vibed. It was a lengthy process, but very worthwhile and let me save you the time: Tim was our final choice and we are so glad we found him! During our first in person meeting with Tim, he patiently reviewed the home purchase process in NC with us. He made sure we were privy to all forms and documents ahead of time so we would have ample time to review, familiarize ourselves, and ask any questions that we may have had early in the process. We started seriously looking for a house in Jan 2020, started working with Tim in Feb and then Coronavirus hit. We were hoping to find a house in the Spring, but due to the current state of things, changed our pace of searching (our decision) and ended up closing on a home in Oct 2020. At times, we felt aware of asking Tim to meet up over so many weekends, but he was committed to us taking our time and finding the right home for us. We felt like the hot market created ample times where a realtor could have pushed or pressured us to get into a home, but we never felt that from Tim. Tim's plethora of knowledge meant going out with him to see a house was essentially a pre-inspection. He will walk around the whole house exterior and interior, check systems, age of components and even went into the crawl space/attic of every house we considered putting an offer on. His insight is invaluable, and although Tim is the only agent we have ever worked with, I am pretty confident that his process of looking at homes is not usual of most agents. I don't think there was ever a time when viewing a house with Tim I didn't learn something new. We communicated with Tim over text, phone call, e-mail and Dotloop. He was always on top of responding via all methods. He thoughtfully answered all our questions throughout the entire process, often going above and beyond in his responses. We looked at MANY homes and Tim was always available within reason. When we put in offers, not once did we feel pressured by Tim to act one way or another, but he was there to provide guidance. Tim continues (even past closing!) to be available if we should have any questions or need help finding vendors or contractors to work on our house. He has a great team of professionals that he frequently works with (lenders, inspectors, vendors), and while you may hear the adage “never use your agent’s recommendations”, with Tim, we ended up using almost everyone he recommended (after doing our research on them of course). “Trust, but verify.” On the closing day, Tim purchased and installed new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers as his gift to us. He also installed an American flag (in our selected location), which was a lovely touch and a very appreciated gesture. If you need more….Not only is Tim a licensed agent with GRI, ABR, SRES, MRP and SPS certificates AND on the Board of Directors of the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors, he is a great person as well! There were several times when looking at houses Tim mentioned either just coming from picking up trash along an adopted road with his American Legion Post or helping his current clients with repairs, which shows he is active in his community and dedicated to his clients. We were very pleased to work with Tim and are very happy with our first home. If we ever need a realtor in the future, we will definitely be reaching out to Tim again!

Ashley | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim was the best realtor I could have hoped for! As you might expect from a West Point graduate, Tim was always professional and reliable. Throughout the process of searching for a home all the way through closing on the home and even moving and getting settled in, I could always count on Tim to be ready and happy to help. Tim is very knowledgeable and experienced with real estate in the area, as well as home maintenance. I was coming from out of state and he was able to tell me a lot of important information about the area. He also was able to tell me what to expect in terms of maintenance and future resale for different homes I was considering purchasing. Not only did he help me select the right home for my needs, he helped me negotiate a good price. There's no question that buying a home during the COVID-19 pandemic added more difficulty and stress to the already difficult process of buying a new home, but Tim was awesome and always went above and beyond. Just as an example, when I was not able to attend the home-inspection Tim went on my behalf and was then able to explain to me every single item that was found on the home inspection. I could not imagine buying a home under the circumstances with any other realtor, and enthusiastically recommend Tim to anyone planning to buy or sell their home in the area! Like

Eric Adams | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim was awesome, professional, knowledgeable, funny, and went above and beyond his job requirements. I was a first time home buyer, and words cannot express how helpful he was. The entire process was informative and fun. Unlike other agents, he checked everything around the house thoroughly, both outside and inside the house. He pointed out concerns and voiced his opinion to help me make great decisions, and ultimately a successful purchase. I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone who wants to buy a good house. I am glad he was my agent.

Richardson Metis | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim was absolutely outstanding during the entirety of buying my first house. He really took the steps necessary to ensure that it was a smooth and overall enjoyable experience. I was referred to Tim by a buddy of mine who had recently used him to buy his house. When I first met with Tim we sat down for a couple hours and he explained the entire process to me and answered all my questions. I really appreciate that he took the time to do that because never having bought a house before I knew nothing about real estate or what it even really took to buy a house. When we started looking at houses this is where Tim really shines and I was very impressed with how knowledgeable he is with houses. Every house we looked at he essentially conducted his own mini inspection and he made sure that I knew of every little concern that he had about the property. He even went inside the crawl space on a couple properties. I can’t imagine many realtors are doing that. I believe that Tim’s thoroughness and making sure that his clients know exactly what they are getting in a house is what really separates him from the competition. After I settled on a house and my offer was accepted, Tim walked me through the closing process and kept me updated the whole time. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house. He is a genuinely nice guy and very professional and definitely goes above and beyond.

Michael Diettrich | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

My wife and I recently purchased a new construction home in the Wendell Falls right outside Raleigh NC. Several months ago when we started considering home purchasing, we played with the idea of doing so without the aid of a real estate agent. A number of comments in reddit and other platforms online indicated that, these days, finding the right home is easier than it once was, deprecating the value of a real-estate agent. We decided to pull the trigger on one after a consultation with a real-estate agent from Coldwell Banker: Mr. Tim Mock. My wife and I quickly realized there's a lot to home ownership: - Do I get a resale or new construction? (the pros and cons of doing so) - What things should I look out for structure-wise? (what are some deal breakers? How much of a 'fixer-upper' are we looking for?) - How can I get the most for my money? - etc. Tim clearly has many years industry experience and knew the things to ask that we would not have considered. Tim knows a bit about the quality of a home, and pointed out what we would be getting into if we pulled the trigger on whatever home we were looking at that day. This, I would say, is the true value of Mr. Mock's expertise. Leaving my wife and I to weigh the pros and cons when we got home from a showing with Tim that day. All this information led us to eventually get the home we did. I would recommend Tim to anyone who isn't already very familiar with the ins and outs and details of home ownership. Folks who would like to, fairly quickly, "size up" a home for purchase. Other than that, Tim was - An incredible font of home ownership information (any question you had, he'd answered before many times) - Very professional (stuck to the rules, of which Coldwell Banker has a few) - Very straightforward and direct with questions and answers - Highly available for questions - Very descriptive and exhaustive in his answers to questions We will certainly be using Tim as a Seller rep (if we chose to sell our home anytime in the future).

Kurt Lippert | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim was an amazing realtor and we learned a lot from him as first-time homebuyers. He thoroughly checked out every house we looked at from crawlspace to attic, so I felt confident we wouldn't be putting in an offer on anything we would regret. He also had great contacts for every kind of home inspection, repair, and service, and has remained in contact after we closed to provide recommendations. Felt like he really went above and beyond for us, and he is greatly appreciated!

Jordan Taylor | Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim has assisted me with both selling and buying a home. He is attentive, intelligent, knowledgeable and skilled. Highly recommend.

Michele Weathers | Home Seller & Home Buyer
testimonial quote

Tim helped us sell our house in Durham. I cannot imagine a better experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a keen eye for the market, especially when it comes to home build quality and needed improvements. He is extremely communicative and always goes above and beyond. You can tell that he really cares about getting the best possible outcomes for his clients. I've recommended him to quite a few people who were buying buying and selling and all have had nothing but praise for him.

Keith Kissel | Home Seller

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